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Iron Works
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Find out more about Lannis' in-house fabrication company, Steven Steel Supply, and their expert metal craftsmanship.

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Looking to Enhance Your Property with a Fence? Consider These Factors

Looking to Enhance Your Property with a Fence? Consider These Factorslpl下注app,LOL比赛投注APP,LOL投注APP下载

Before you begin a fencing project, take the time to think through several factors to make sure your project is a success and meets your unique needs.


Lannis Fence WBE Certification

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Lannis Fence is WBE Certified and 100% Woman-Owned.

Custom Fabrication: Lannis Goes Beyond Traditional Fences

Custom Fabrication: Lannis Goes Beyond Traditional Fenceslpl下注app,LOL比赛投注APP,LOL投注APP下载

Lannis is uniquely positioned to meet all of your fencing needs with custom in-house fabrication capabilities through our sister company,Steven Steel Supply.

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Lannis Fence has over 50 years experience providing high quality products for all types of residential and commercial fencing.

Lannis is also uniquely positioned to provide custom fencing with our in-house fabrication facility. We combine art décor with practical application to make a beautiful statement through highly functional fencing and signage.

Lannis Fence is WBE Certified 100% Woman-Owned, and OH DBE Certified.


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